Bearded Collies were bred originally to work as herding or droving dogs.  They are intelligent, active dogs that love to learn and many Beardies and their owners get much pleasure through participating in a variety of canine activities.

The Working Tests were developed by the Bearded Collie Club and the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club as a way of giving an award for temperamentally sound, well behaved Bearded Collies and offer Beardie owners the opportunity to work with their dogs in a series of simple exercises covering control, obedience and agility.  The exercises were designed to have a practical aspect and are not judged to the same standard required in obedience competition so, for example, extra commands and encouragement (unless otherwise stated) are not be penalised, except where they are excessive and imply lack of control over the dog.  The dogs should be attentive and responsive therefore consistent lagging, wandering or an appreciable delay before responding to a command are faults, whereas minor faults such as the straightness of the sit are not important. Titbits or toys should not be used as a reward or bribe.

There are four levels of attainment – Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.  The tests are not competitive and to pass a test a dog needs to gain 80% of the marks in each exercise.  A dog cannot progress onto the next test unless it has passed the level(s) below.

Who may take the tests?

These Tests may only be taken by members of the Bearded Collie Club and/or the Southern Bearded Collie Club.

The tests are restricted to any dog owned by a member of the Club, but Diplomas and Medallions are restricted to Bearded Collies (Registered or Unregistered). Each Bearded Collie that qualifies will receive a Diploma from the Club running the tests, signed by the Judge and a Club Official. A Bearded Collie that qualifies in the Senior Tests will receive a Club Medallion. Members’ other dogs may take the tests at the discretion of the Judge.

Where do the tests take place?

The Club generally runs the Primary and Junior tests at the Spring Frolic and/or Tramps Tuck-in each year.  Please check the details of each event to confirm.

Members can also arrange to hold a Working Test session themselves provided they adhere to the Test Guidelines.

Test Details

For details of the exercises within each test, please look at the Test Requirements.

Have fun learning with your Beardie!


The Club also encourages its Members and their Beardies to work towards the KC Good Citizens awards.  We occasionally run the Bronze award at the Spring Frolic or Tramps Tuck-in.  Please check the event details to confirm.

Full details of the awards can be found on the Kennel Club website (follow the Activities and then the Good Citizen Dog Scheme links).