The Joint Breed Liaison Committee (JBLC) has arranged with the Animal Health Trust (AHT) to collect and archive the DNA from live KC registered Bearded Collies.

The stored DNA can be used in future research projects and one important use would be to identify mutations responsible for inherited diseases that are either already known about , or ones that might appear in the future.  The AHT has developed at least one DNA test that was made possible by the analysis of DNA from dogs that had been stored for almost 10 years.  Stored DNA can also be used for general breed studies, such as estimating the genetic diversity of the breed or the frequency of disease mutations in the general population.

DNA from any dogs can be stored but it is especially useful to store DNA from dogs that have or are likely to be bred from and dogs that are known to be closely related to dogs that are affected with inherited conditions. DNA can be collected via a cheek swab, or if your dog is having a blood sample taken by the vet for some other purpose, it is ethically acceptable to request a further small amount of blood be drawn for the databank.

In addition to the submitting the swab/sample you need to provide the following information:

  • The dog’s registered name
  • The dog’s breed
  • KC registration number
  • Date of Birth
  • Coat Colour
  • A copy of the dog’s 5-generation pedigree
  • Any clinical information about the health of the dog

It is also important that the dog’s record is kept up to date with any significant changes in health, or equally if the dog remains healthy. All information is kept in the strictest confidence. The AHT asks for a donation of £5 per sample to help cover administration costs.

Further information and swabs are available by emailing