The Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club (SCBCC) has been in existence since 1976 and works to promote the interests of the Bearded Collie.

The Club offers an invaluable source of information and guidance for Beardie owners and those looking to get a Beardie  – whether through our Puppy List of approved breeders or our affiliated rescue service, Southern Beardie Aid.

We are an official breed club, registered by the Kennel Club and as such our Members are required to abide by the Kennel Club Code of Ethics as well as our own Rules and Regulations, and our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Breeding Bearded Collies, as approved by the Kennel Club.

As a body registered with the Kennel Club, SCBCC has a voice in health and other issues that may impact the breed.  We work with the other breed clubs to liaise with the Kennel Club and institutes such as the Animal Health Trust, and we act as a point of contact to disseminate information to Beardie owners.

The Club also holds its own Judges List which ensures that those judging at our shows meet the required criteria to understand and promote the breed standard.

We are funded solely through membership subscriptions, donations and any funds raised through our events.

The Club is run by a committee of 15 volunteers.  Two members of our committee also sit on the Joint Breed Liaison Committee (JBLC) who bring together all of the UK Bearded Collie KC Registered breed clubs to provide a central point of contact on behalf of the breed and provide a common voice to the Kennel Club.

We have approximately 600 Members and keep in touch via our magazine, the Beardie Times, which is issued twice a year, a summer newsletter and email updates and our Facebook page.

Please use our contact form if you would like any further information.