Making the decision to get a puppy takes time and once the decision has been made it is natural to want to get that puppy as soon as possible.  However you may have to be patient as puppies aren’t always available and it is important that you go for the puppy that is right for you and not just the first one that comes along.

Sadly there are unscrupulous breeders out there leading to puppies being sold with health and/or temperament issues.  So we would always recommend that you contact Kennel Club registered breeders.  Adverts on puppy websites are unlikely to be from reputable Beardie breeders, so be wary!

The SCBCC maintains an up to date list of breeders with puppies for sale.

Note: at present we do not have details of any litters

Val Bridger and Sue Bowden currently co-ordinate our Puppy List.  Please use our Contact Form to get in touch.

To be on the list, breeders must be a Member of the Club and as such have agreed to adhere to the very fundamental standards of care as laid down in the Club’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Breeders.

We hold basic information regarding each litter such as the breed lines, dates of birth and which of the recommended health tests have been carried out, and will pass this information on to you over the telephone upon request.  We can also possibly put you in touch with breeders expecting a litter in the future.

We do not recommend particular puppies or breeders to individuals, and purchasers should satisfy themselves that the puppy is exactly what they are looking for.  You should visit the puppies with their mother at least once and make sure that you receive a diet sheet, details of any inoculations and worming, pedigree and full care instructions from the breeder.  A good breeder will also be contactable for help and advice.

We are always delighted to offer advice especially if you have not purchased a puppy before.  It is important that you know what questions to ask and what to look for when you go to see a puppy, and also what questions you can expect a breeder to be asking of you – a good breeder will be very particular as to who they will let have one of their puppies, so don’t be offended if you’re quizzed quite hard!

Group of Bearded Collie puppies, 6 weeks old, sitting and lying in a row against white background