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Autoimmune disease research

Owners of dogs with autoimmune diseases are being called upon to participate in a vital piece of new research being undertaken by the RVC.

The research will be one of the largest studies of autoimmune diseases ever conducted and aims to collate data and insight into the diagnosis, treatment response and outcomes of dogs with autoimmune conditions.

Results will be distributed among local veterinary practices and specialist hospitals to help owners and vets make informed decisions when their animals are diagnosed.

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Puppy List

We are getting a lot of enquiries from people looking for Beardie puppies.  Sadly as there are fewer Beardies around these days, litters tend to be few and far between and at the moment we have no information on current or planned litters.  Breeders don’t always let us know in advance when they are planning litters and often have their own waiting lists so it is always worth contacting breeders direct.  The Kennel Club hold  a list breeders that subscribe to their accreditation scheme. Not all breeders participate in this scheme and this is not an indication that they are not a recommended breeder.  Likewise some of the listed breeders may not be members of the SCBCC or Bearded Collie Club and so not adhere to the Clubs’ more stringent Code of Ethics.  If in doubt please contact the Clubs for confirmation.  The Beardie Connexion website ( also has a page with links to some of the breeders’ own sites so that is also a good place to start.

We understand how frustrating it is once you have made that all important decision not to be able to find a puppy straight away, but it is important to be patient to find the right puppy from a recommended breeder. Sadly there are unscrupulous breeders out there leading to puppies being sold with health and/or temperament issues.  Adverts on puppy websites are unlikely to be from reputable Beardie breeders, so be wary!

Breed Health Survey

The results of the annual Bearded Collie health survey for 2020 has now been compiled by the JBLC.  Read the full report  here

BeaCon for Health

Have you loaded the details of your Beardies on to the BeaCon For Health Open Registry?

The registry is for Beardies from all walks of canine life and it is important that details of healthy Beardies as well as those with health issues are recorded so that a true picture of the overall health of the breed is available.

Once your Beardie’s details are on the registry, please keep them up to date – even if it is to say there has been no change each year.

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