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Our AGM was scheduled to be held on Sunday 21st March 2021 but as lockdown restrictions will still be in place,  we will be unable to hold a face-to-face meeting.

The Kennel Club have enacted a new provision that allows for societies to legitimately process routine business by adopting interim arrangements such as postal/online voting or remote meetings, as appropriate.  Having considered the options available, we decided that a postal AGM was the most effective way to reach all our members, and enable all members to participate.

We are currently preparing the necessary paperwork and will be sending out to all current members in the next couple of weeks.

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Championship Show 2021 – date and location to be confirmed

We had taken the decision to postpone our 2021 Championship Show normally held in February and, thanks to the generosity of the Southern Counties Canine Association, had planned to hold it at their show at the Newbury Showground on Sunday 6th June 2021 which is the day after Pastoral day, i.e. Saturday 5th June.

However as restrictions are likely to still be in place at the beginning of June, we are currently exploring alternatives and will update members as soon as we can.

Further details will be posted here

Your Club needs you!

At a recent, socially distanced [including Skype], get together of your Committee, lots of ideas were put forward for 2021 to provide you, our members, with opportunities to get together with each other, including social events, walks, fun dog shows and working days, so hopefully catering for all your interests.  There was an air of positivity during this meeting and all being well, the Club can move forward into 2021 with this attitude, which hopefully will be shared by our members

For all of this to work however, we will need your support.

The SCBCC have always tried to cater for the variety of interests of our members and their Beardies through social events, shows, working days and, of course, The Beardie Times.  In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to make ends meet, particularly the social events.  Unfortunately, over the past few years, attendance at our social events has dropped off significantly, which means they have run at a loss and as a result we have had to reduce the number held.  This problem raised the concern as to whether our members would be prepared to support us, if these events were to go ahead!  The adage “build it and they will come” doesn’t seem to apply these days!

Despite many calls, in the past, for members to come forward and join a diminishing committee, we have struggled and it’s usually serving members of the committee that have persuaded friends or family members to join us.  We are about to lose 3 members of the committee and we need these places filled.  We need a Secretary, Membership Secretary and Editor.  Without a Secretary and other specified positions on the committee, this club cannot continue as we are governed by our Rules and Regulations, unlike social media groups which are popping up all over the place.

The SCBCC have always been there for you.  Now we need you, if the SCBCC is to continue to provide the members with the calendar it has in the past, and to champion the interests of the breed.

Please contact any member of the committee who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Puppy List

We are getting a lot of enquiries from people looking for Beardie puppies.  Sadly as there are fewer Beardies around these days, litters tend to be few and far between and at the moment we have no information on current or planned litters.  The Kennel Club also hold  list of approved breeders and it may be worth contacting some breeders directly as they don’t always let us know in advance if they are planning a litter and often have their own waiting lists. NOTE: Not all breeders participate in the Kennel Club scheme and this is not an indication that they are not a recommended breeder.  Likewise some of the listed breeders may not be members of the SCBCC or Bearded Collie Club and so not adhere to the Clubs’ more stringent Code of Ethics.  If in doubt please contact the Clubs for confirmation.

We understand how frustrating it is once you have made that all important decision not to be able to find a puppy straight away, but it is important to be patient to find the right puppy from a recommended breeder. Sadly there are unscrupulous breeders out there leading to puppies being sold with health and/or temperament issues.  Adverts on puppy websites are unlikely to be from reputable Beardie breeders, so be wary!

Breed Health Survey

The results of the annual Bearded Collie health survey for 2020 has now been compiled by the JBLC.  Read the full report  here

BeaCon for Health

Have you loaded the details of your Beardies on to the BeaCon For Health Open Registry?

The registry is for Beardies from all walks of canine life and it is important that details of healthy Beardies as well as those with health issues are recorded so that a true picture of the overall health of the breed is available.

Once your Beardie’s details are on the registry, please keep them up to date – even if it is to say there has been no change each year.

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